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Infolinia.org - Who are we?

2009-09-08 11:51:05

Company description

Infolinia.org is a network of local websites such as cardiff.infolinia.org (with information about city), all local portals cooperate with each another and concentrate around INFOLINIA.ORG which is the biggest guide about how to live in the UK. Every website can work independently but we work as one.
Infolinia.org has been existing since 2004, however the real start of network was on July 2006 because we have started website about first city – Cardiff.infolinia.org. Now we have websites about over 75 cities in the UK – all major and several smaller. Our aim is to encourage other people to join to our network and allow them to do their own websites about their cities.

We believe that market belong to local portals about cities which are closer to people, they know better their problems than national portals, that is why our portal is based on WEB 2.0. This mean every user can create content (add articles, pictures, friends, and lots more).

Our website is divided into several services: Lettings, Jobs, Classifieds, Company Directory, Polish Professionals, Guide about how to live and work in the UK, Ask our expert (experts from different professions: lawyer, mortgages, health, fashion, animals, benefits), Map on which user can find a lot of useful places in categories: health, education, shopping, entertainment, sport, art), Gallery, Groups, Chat, internet forum and dating service.
Our goal is to create portal for each city above 150.000 citizens. Approximately there are about 150 cities in United Kingdom.

We are creating the best and the most advance portals for Polish people in the UK.

About us

Mission statement

Our goal is to unify, help and make life easier for Polish people outside Poland, we go the extra mile for them. The way to achieve that goal are offered tools thanks to them their needs will be satisfied.
Our Vision

To create national network of local websites about cities above 150.000 citizens, their aim will be to exchange information among Polish people in whole UK.
Our aim is to become a market leader in providing services for migrants.

Our Values

We believe our first responsibility is to the clients who use our products and services. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of high quality.

We are responsible to our employees, the men and women who work with us. Everyone must be consider as an individual. Employees must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. Everyone has to contribute to a spirit of partnership through  teamwork and collaboration.

We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work.

Our final responsibility is to our business partners who cooperate with us, to deliver them the best business solutions and to maximize their profit.


Home page
Most of our users begin their journey via the infolinia.org Home Page – the gateway to all sections and services. Following extensive research into the user experience, the infolinia.org Home Page is regularly updated with modern usability and technical solutions; it is fast, clear, contemporary and pleasing to the eye.
The Infolinia.org front page is a perfect place to lunch any branding campaign, providing a window through which advertisers can reach thousands daily users.

News and articles
Infolinia.org cooperates with a number of Polish newspapers based in UK publishing their selected articles. We also want to start cooperate with Polish journalists based in the UK providing fresh and up to date news and stories.
News and articles section are divided into three main categories:

  • Local News – news form local city, concerning Polish community, useful information about city such as: cinemas, job agencies, hospitals etc.
  • News from Poland – articles about  finances, sport, science, politics 
  • News from Great Britain and World – interesting news about all topics.

Forum is the biggest and fastest growing section of the website. Categorised into subject sub-forums (general discussion, work, accommodation, studies, etc), and regional sub-forums (Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Cardiff, etc) provides effective and comfortable environment for users to discuss and exchange information.

Dating service
The most advance portal for polish migrant in the UK. At the moment it is free to use. We are sure that in 3-5 months time we will have about 50 k new users.

It is new way of sharing common interest. Everyone can start a group and then other people can join, talk on forum, places pictures, files and videos.

Classified ads
Free advertising board - section that provides effective environment for users to advertise their accommodation to rent, stuff for sale, job offers, services etc.

Guide pages answer the most often asked questions about living and working in the UK Guide covers essential issues concerning newcomers: work, accommodation, healthcare, education, etc. It is constantly updated and expanded for new sections.


Gallery section publishes photos of Great Britain, user’s travels, etc. Here users can take a virtual tour through different cities surfing through hundreds of pictures.

Business Directories
This service was designed for all companies, they can put many information about their firm such as: location on map with address, office hours, description of products and company, logo, website, contact details.
There is also section about organisations like: churches, associations, embassy, etc. We also put there search engines to other business directories: Yellow pages, ThomsonLocal, UpMyStreet, Panorama firm and PKT.
Another section have got lots of information about how to manage your own business, how to set up your website, useful software and links to other websites

Lots  of new jobs every day. In near future we would like to allow our users to upload their CV.

Polish Professionals
This service is for Poles who don’t have a company but they have knowledge and skills and they can provide services after their normal work hours.

Ask our experts
We would like to make connections between companies and our users. The idea is that users can ask questions to our experts and they will answer. In exchange experts and their companies have got free advertisements and prestige. At the moment users can ask question to 7 different categories.

With this service users can find on the Google map interesting places like museum, cinemas, JobCentre Plus and lots more. At the moment we have almost 1000 places.

This service allow our users to talk in real time, which is even more interesting than forum.

User administration panel
Specially design tool for our users to manage all contents of our website. Now they are able to write articles, send messages, invite friends, add private pictures, look at other users profiles.

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