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Akcja Stowarzyszenia Patriae Fidelis z Londynu

2014-06-19 23:42:28

Wysłany list do Ambasadora Białorusi w Londynie

His Excellency
Sergei Aleinik
Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the United Kingdom

Dear Mr Ambassador,

I am a representative of the Polish Youth Association Patriae Fidelis and I am writing to you with regard to the recent incident concerning a Polish war veteran living in Belarus. Cpt. Weronika Sebastianowicz is the leader of the Polish Home Army, an honourable member of our organisation (PYA) and a friend of ours.

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She is a lady in her late eighties, living in very poor conditions, similarly to many of other veterans from the area around Lida and Grodno. The incident in question relates to the transport of food collected for the veterans by a charity organisation "Odra-Niemen" and Polish community in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding about the transported goods and Cpt. Sebastianowicz is now accused of smuggling. We find it shocking that an elderly person who has already suffered unimaginable hardships in her life, would be accused of such crime however, we are unable to help with the clarification of the alleged situation on our own.

You are probably aware of the importance of caring for and preserving the ethos of Second World War veterans who fought for the independence of their people. It is commonly known among Poles in Poland and abroad that also Belarusians have in great numbers voluntarily joined the Home Army and fought the Soviet invaders. I would like to draw to your attention a figure of Sergiusz Piasecki, a writer and an anti-Soviet legend, whose ashes are currently placed in Hasting Cemetery (St. Leopold's). We are in touch with the lady who was saved by Sergiusz Piasecki and is willing to help in bringing his ashes back to Belarus, and we would gladly liaise with her on that matter as we do recognise the importance of mutual cooperation of neighbouring states. We would also like to organise a poetry event for our joint communities in London, as we believe there is a benefit for us in cooperation, because of an increasing populist and anti-immigration rhetoric in Great Britain.

I would be immensely grateful if you would be willing to meet me for a brief discussion of the aforementioned matters. I am available to meet at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,
Jerzy Byczynski
Chairman of the Polish Youth Association Patriae Fidelis

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