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2012-02-12 20:56:36

Published Tuesday 7th February 2012

Grants available for Adult Learners Week

Grants of up to £300 are available to providers of informal adult learning activities such as colleges, voluntary and community sector organisations and others for events and promotional activities.

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Applicants are encouraged to work with partners to maximise the impact of activities and funding.  The grant can be used for:

1) Events that take place during Adult Learners Week to celebrate learners and their achievements e.g. this could be a conference, presentation of learner awards or certificates etc.

2) Events that promote informal adult learning during the week - this could include open days, half days and evenings which might include taster sessions etc. We cannot however fund the running of one particular course - it should be attached to a more open event.

3) Conferences and events that bring providers and learners together.

4) Promotional materials for informal learning events in Adult Learners Week including displays, posters, brochures, particularly those materials that might attract new learners. It should not however be used for promoting events that would be covered by your normal publicity i.e. you could not use the money for your general autumn brochure.

5) Promotional and other materials that might attract particular groups of new learners e.g. people with visual impairments, brochures in other languages etc.

Grants of £300 or less are available from a total funding "pot" of £3,000. The application form is very straightforward and less than three complete pages, so it does not take long to fill in. It should be sent (preferably by e-mail) to or, if necessary, by post to Robin Hodgkinson, SPIAL Partnership, SAVO, Dickson House, 43a Woodbridge Road East, Ipswich, IP4 5QN.

The closing date is Tuesday 2nd March 2012 at 12noon.

An e-mail signature on the form is acceptable. Decisions on the applications will be reached within 10 days.

N.B. It is a condition of the grant that a short report on the activities etc. that have been funded should be submitted by the end of June 2012.

Please see: Adult Learners Week Grant Application Form 2012

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