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Reading bus fare rises on the way

2011-09-19 22:09:39

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THE standard single fare on Reading Buses is to rise by 10p next month to £1.80.

The council-owned company says the increase - the first for three years - is inevitable because it needs to meet higher fuel and raw material costs but claims that the blow will be softened by its range of concessionary fares. 

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The "general fares revision" on all Reading Buses services comes into effect from Sunday, October 9, when the day ticket for passengers making more than two journeys a day will also rise, from £3.80 to £4.

Child fares increase by 10p to £1.30 for a standard journey and Jet Black and Vitality services will also go up.

The company points out that since the last increase it has introduced a £1 flat fare for many short distance trips, and the £1 To Town fares will all stay the same. Meanwhile the standard return ticket is being reintroduced, but at £3.40, which means anyone making a two-way trip pays at pre-October 9 prices.

Weekly tickets also rise by £1 to £14, but Reading Transport communications manager Nikki Honer promised the cost of longer-term tickets, such as 30 and 90 days, will provide savings for anyone buying in advance.

The 30-day ticket goes up from £52 to £55, but is now cheaper than buying four separate weekly tickets, while the 90-day ticket actuially comes down in price from £150 to £154. There is also a new, 365-day annual ticket valid across the entire simplyReading [CORRECT] urban network which will cost £500.

Alongside the £1 journeys, bargain fares including the number 9 and the Caversham+Hospital Day Ticket at £3 on pink routes 22, 23 and 24 are also being frozen.

Mrs Honer said: "For three years we managed to maintain the £1.70 standard fare and indeed over the last two years we have introduced a growing range of £1 fares on shorter stretches of routes within the network, including the Orange routes within Woodley. All the £1 fares introduced this summer will be continuing.

"But after three years a price increase has become inevitable and we have worked very hard to keep this to a minimum, and the re-launch of the day return fare will mean no increase at all for many people."


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