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  • Funding for 2010 European Year for Combating Child Poverty and Social Exclusion events:

    Wysłany: 2009-10-02 13:29:56

2010 has been designated as the
European Year for Combating Child
Poverty and Social Exclusion.
DWP are the lead department for the UK,
as the member state, for the year and they
are coordinating funding for events marking
EY2010 through a National Implementation
Body (NIB); that includes representatives
from each of the Devolved Administrations.
The NIB have just published calls for
proposals, to organisations wishing to bid
for funding to run events as part of the
year. The Welsh Assembly government are
very keen to ensure that events are run in
Wales and that we take the opportunity to
raise awareness of these issues across the
Deadline for applications:15th October
2009. For more information -
Email: [email protected]

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