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  • Drinkaware Grants Scheme

    Wysłany: 2009-09-06 00:28:40

The Drinkaware grants scheme aims to
change the UK’s drinking culture for the
better. Drinkaware works to positively
infl uence public behaviour and fi nd
innovative ways to raise awareness about
the effects of alcohol, to help reduce
alcohol misuse and minimise alcoholrelated
Funding schemes give local and national
projects a fantastic chance to change
the nation’s drinking habits and make a
positive difference to people’s lives.
Grants are available to groups in any part
of the UK, working with any population
group, through 3 schemes:
• Ideas Fund - up to £2,000
• Awareness Projects - up to £25,000
• Big Impact Awards - up to £100,000
Tel: 020 7307 7450

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