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  • Swimathon Foundation Grant

    Wysłany: 2011-02-06 23:45:02

The Foundation is offering grants of
between £300 and £2,500 to swimming
pools, community organisations and
charities who can demonstrate how
funding will allow them to help more

people participate in and enjoy swimming
and to make swimming more accessible.
Whether you’re a scout leader that would
like to take your troop for a day at an open
air pool, a healthy living group wanting
to try our Aquaerobics for the fi rst time
or a scuba diving club desperate for new
equipment, a grant could be the helping
hand you need! For more information and
to apply online please visit the website: The fi rst
round of applications closes on 21st March
For more information contact the
Swimathon Foundation on
[email protected] or 0845
459 9016.

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