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  • Community Foundation in Wales

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The Community Foundation in Wales
is an independent charity, established
to strengthen communities by providing
a permanent source of funding for
community-based projects the length and
breadth of Wales.
The Foundation currently has 2 grants
programmes specifi cally for residents of
The Cardiff Community Endowment
The Fund will provide the following:
• Education grants for individuals in
need e.g. course fees (where
assistance is not
otherwise available) and grants
towards the costs of course materials
and activities.
• Grants to community groups and local
charities which support people facing
fi nancial disadvantage e.g. through
grant aid for goods, services and
Community Cash
The programme supports small,
locally based groups or organisations
in disadvantaged areas of Cardiff
undertaking work that helps people
of all ages feel more included in their
community, builds their skills and
increases their sense of achievement.
Applicants must have a turnover of less
than £50k a year. Organisations which
have already benefi tted from this grants
programme in 2010 are not eligible to reapply.
How to apply
Applicants are invited to apply for grants
of between £500 - £1000.
For more information on these grant
programmes, and to request an

application pack -
Email: Julie@cfi
Website: http://www.cfi (application
forms can be downloaded)
Closing date for applications:Monday
1st November 2010.

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